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PressReleaseJan. 17, 2020

A technology for embedding data in printed objects - Embed information with a 3D printer and retrieve with a commercial scanner -....>>More


PressReleaseOct. 25, 2019

Looking inside the body with indirect light....>>More

PressReleaseAug. 7, 2019

Reconstructing histological slices into 3D images....>>More

PressReleaseJune 14, 2019

One class in all languages....>>More


PressReleaseNov. 28, 2018

Automated technique for anime colorization using deep learning....>>More


PressReleaseOct. 6, 2017

Simulating effects of focal brain cooling against epilepsy....>>More


PressReleaseMar. 13, 2015

NAIST unveils automated system providing training for people with communication difficulties ~ Guidance provided through conversation with a computer-based avatar ~ ....>>More

PressReleaseFeb. 6, 2015

The world's first experiment: Transmission of uncompressed 8K super high-definition image, 16-times higher than conventional high-definition image, to multiple destinations over the Internet....>>More


PressReleaseMay 15, 2014

Developent and evaluation of OpenFlow/SDN based network system applicable for such a large scale disaster. -for an experimentation on the latest NEXCO-WEST traffic control system-....>>More

PressReleaseApr. 7, 2014

Associate Professor Christian Sandor, Interactive Media Design Lab., won the Google Faculty award...>>More

PressReleaseFeb. 5, 2014

An experiment of long-distance transmission of 8K uncompressed video streaming, as the world's first success case. >>More