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Seminar I/II and Research Status Hearing Schedule 2017

Please check this page frequently as the schedule is constantly updated.

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Schedule of Seminar I and II, 1st quarter (April 6–June 2)
4/12 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SI) Ali Ghorbani
( University of New Brunswick, Canada; Director, Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity ))
(Abstract) [Chair: Kadobayashi ]
4/19 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Lectures from New Assistant Professors (Dr. Ogura, Dr. Kobayashi) (Abstract) [Chair: Fujimoto]
5/8 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Lectures from New Assistant Professors (Dr. Yoshino, Dr. Tanaka, Dr. Yuanyu Zhang) (Abstract) [Chair:]
5/10 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SI) Iwata Tomoharu
(NTT Communication Science Laboratories )
(Abstract) [Chair: Shindo ]
5/15 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Lectures from New Assistant Professors (Dr. Plopski, Dr. Daisuke Fujimoto, Dr. Renyuan Zhang) (Abstract) [Chair:]
5/17 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SI) Koh Takeuchi
(NTT )
(Abstract) [Chair: Y. Yoshino]
5/22 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SI) Koshino Kazuhiro
(National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center)
(Abstract) [Chair: Tanaka ]
5/24 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SI) Tadashi Okoshi
(Keio University)
(Abstract) [Chair: Arakawa]
5/29 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SI) Ajoy K. Datta
( University of Nevada, Las Vegas )
(Abstract) [Chair: Ohshita]
5/31 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SI) Kazuhisa Shibata
(Nagoya University )
(Abstract) [Chair: Tamei]

Schedule of Seminar I and II, 2nd quarter (June 5–August 2)

Seminar-II student presentation schedule on June and July is here.

6/5 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
6/7 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SI) Inoue Tsuyoshi
(Abstract) [Chair: Matsubara]
6/12 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
6/14 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation*Presentation at L2 is not regarded as an attendance of Seminar II. (Abstract)
6/19 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SI) Kobayashi Kazuma
(Abstract) [Chair: Kashihara ]
6/26 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SI) Kashima Kenji
( Kyoto University )
(Abstract) [Chair: Matsubara]
6/28 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
7/19 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
7/24 (Mon., 3rd Period) (SI) Uchibe Eiji
(Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International(ATR))
(Abstract) [Chair: Yoshimoto]
7/26 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
8/2 (Wed., 3rd Period) (SI) Kazuhiko Fukui
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
(Abstract) [Chair: Hata]
8/3 (Thu., 3rd Period) (SI) Atsushi Nakazawa
(Kyoto University, Graduate School of Informatics)
(Abstract) [Chair: Kiyokawa] Japanese
8/10 (Thu., 3rd Period) (SI) Carsten Röcker
(Fraunhofer Competence Center Industrial Automation (IOSB-INA)
(Abstract) [Chair: Kiyokawa] English

Second presentations & Midterm Presentation Program (Sep. 25–29) (Check the schedule!)

Seminar-II student presentation schedule on September is here.

9/25(Monday 1) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/25(Monday 2) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/25(Monday 3) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/25(Monday 4) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/25(Monday 5) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/26(Tuesday 1) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/26(Tuesday 2) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/26(Tuesday 3) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/26(Tuesday 4) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/26(Tuesday 5) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/27(Wednesday 1) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/27(Wednesday 2) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/27(Wednesday 3) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/27(Wednesday 4) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/27(Wednesday 5) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/28(Thursday 1) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/28(Thursday 2) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/28(Thursday 3) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/28(Thursday 4) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/28(Thursday 5) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/29(Friday 1) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/29(Friday 2) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/29(Friday 3) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/29(Friday 4) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
9/29(Friday 5) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)

Schedule of Master 1st Presentation (2017/10–2017/1)

Click here for the detailed schedule

11/22(Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
12/4(Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
12/6(Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
12/7(Thu., 16:30-17:00) (SII) Student presentation*Presentation is not regarded as an attendance of Seminar II. (Abstract)
12/8(Fri., 16:50-17:20) (SII) Student presentation*Presentation is not regarded as an attendance of Seminar II. (Abstract)
12/11(Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
12/13(Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
12/13(Wed., 5rd Period) (SII) Student presentation*Presentation is not regarded as an attendance of Seminar II. (Abstract)
12/20(Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
1/10(Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
1/15(Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
1/17(Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
1/22(Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
1/24(Wed., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)
1/29(Mon., 3rd Period) (SII) Student presentation (Abstract)

Schedule of Seminar I and II, 3rd quarter (October 3–November 29)
10/6 (Fri., 5rd Period) (SI) Sajal K. Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA) (Abstract) [Chair: Yasumoto] English
10/16 (Mon. 3rd p.) (SI) Cheng Yuchang (Fujitsu) (Abstract) [Chair: Shindo] Japanese
10/23 (Mon. 3rd p.) (SI) Yamaguchi Shuji (Osaka University) (Abstract) [Chair: Nakamura] Japanese
11/6 (Mon. 3rd p.) (SI) Tadayoshi Aoyama (Nagoya University) (Abstract) [Chair: Kobayashi] Japanese
11/8 (Wed. 3rd p.) (SI) Yamanobe Natsuki (AIST) (Abstract) [Chair: Matsumoto]
11/13 (Mon. 3rd p.) (SI) ASAI Yoshiyuki (Yamaguchi University) (Abstract) [Chair: Yoshimoto] Japanese

Schedule of Seminar I and II, 4th quarter (November 30–February 1)
12/18 (Mon. 3rd p.) (SI) Masaki Suwa (OMRON Ltd.) (Abstract) [Chair: Sakata] Japanese
1/9 (Tue., 4th Period) (SI) Kun YUE (Yunnan University, China) (Abstract) [Chair: Renyuan ZHANG] English
1/31 (Wed. 3rd p.) (SI) Jianxiong Wan (School of Information Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology) (Abstract) [Chair: Kasahara] English
2/5 (Mon. 3rd p.) (SI) Peter Chanthanakone (University of Iowa) (Abstract) [Chair: Alexander Plopski ] English
2/7 (Wed. 3rd p.) (SI) Norihiko Taya (Symbiotic Systems (NEC Corporation)) (Abstract) [Chair: Fujimoto] Japanese

Unscheduled Seminar I

Credit condition for Semiar I & II

Presentation Guideline for Seminar II

Prepare your presentations as follows.

Procedure to disclose your presentation title and abstract for Seminar II

In Seminar II, students make a presentation of their own research. They must give a 1st presentation 6 month after enrollment, and a 2nd presentation a year later than the 1st one or 6 months before their graduation. Students must disclose the presentation title and abstract at least a week in advance. If they fail to do so, the presentation may not be admitted.

  1. Copy either of template-e.html (English only) or template-ej.html (English and Japanese) in the following directories, and create a file with the name [Student No.].html. For example, if your Student No. is 0461099, your file name must be 0461099.html.

  2. Open the file, fill out the title and abstract of your talk, and save the file.

  3. Check the site below:
    follow the link of your presentation, and confirm that the information of your talk has been uploaded.

Attending attitude

The first aim of Seminar presentation is to widen your perspective and train your presentation and communication abilities.

So try to provide a comprehensible presentation and also try to ask many questions and discuss the presentation with each other. To complete this aim, try to understand research activities carried out in this school with each other and gain experience with debate and discussions. Students are given priority as questioners. So, chairs not only get comments from sub-research advisors, but also have to facilitate all the students to join the discussion instead of just relying on the sub-research advisors.

The chair calls on a questioner, who then gives their occupation and name, asks questions and presents opinions. The chair is responsible to control time.

Questions are categorized in two groups. One is to clarify the concept or how to interpret the data, which helps not only the questioner but also audience members from different study fields to understand the research. Another is to present your own opinion, idea, and future problems to be solved, and ask about solutions, which can be really helpful for the next research step. Discussion, pros and cons, also makes research more constructive and helps with progress.

Although in academic conferences and doctoral defense, it is understandable that you might hesitate to ask questions in crowds because of a lack of confidence in your own knowledge, the Seminar is a place to train yourself and not a rehearsal for a conference. So do not hesitate to take advantage of discussion and debate.

Past Semiar
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