Doctoral Program

Policy guidance and planning

1. Doctoral research

The primary task of the doctoral program is to promote doctoral research: finding a theme, establishing a research plan, conducting creative research, suggesting solutions, and developing or implementing them. Studying the problem's background, evaluating your own suggestions objectively, and clarifying the remaining problems are also required. In the course of your research, your supervisors will offer proper guidance. The results of your research is to published as a journal paper or at an international conference.

2. Midterm presentation

Once during the three year program, doctoral students present to their supervisors their research achievements and a future plan. Supervisors ask about the research and offer opinions and advice to facilitate the research. This Q&A is an opportunity for students to review their work.

3. Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Research Assistants (RAs)

Students employed as TAs serve as assistants for their supervisors's classes and instruction, providing an opportunity to gain insights as educators. Students employed as research assistants for their supervisors will broaden their views by tackling issues related to their research themes. Taking these positions will provide students valuable experience for their career as researchers.

4. English education

Students are encouraged to take the English writing and presentation classes provided in the Master's Program to prepare for international academic activities.

Other English learning materials including E-learning by the ALC Net Academy are also available. Students can also take the TOEIC Institutional Program twice a year to check their English ability. Participation in lectures by foreign researchers in Seminar I and discussions with such visitors are also recommended.

5. Classes provided in the Master's Program

Students may take any of the classes provided for Master's students. Studying the background of their research again may help them identify problems. Some students may need to take certain classes to gain required knowledge to advance in their research and to deepen their understanding, in which classes students take turns presenting and discussing their research.