Educational Policy

We develop and offer a unique education program to foster internationally active researchers.

The school of information science educates specialized researchers. Our program covers many fields of information science and technology, including sensory and decision support, construction of large scale information systems, construction and operation technology for safe information networks, and interdisciplinary studies in information science and life science.

Educational Goals

Master's Program

Information science is based on human thinking and learning, and impacts widely on social activities. So experienced people from different fields are also welcomed as graduate students. Master's students (Engineering or Science) acquire a broad perspective and solid abilities through the thoroughly prepared courses and research activities with experts.

The Master's Program trains students for adapting to changes in society. The program is designed to stimulate interest and provide state-of-the-art knowledge in a student's specialized field; train in presentation and communication skills; improve English language skills for international activity; and educate in the importance of ethical principles.

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program promotes independent research, a deep specialized knowledge, and a wide perspective. Students need an ability to identify academic or social problems, propose a research plan, and work out a solution. They are expected to carry out their plan and evaluate it.

As rapid progress and change in information science continues, we seek to train students not to depend merely on current methods, but to adapt to new and yet reliable methods in preparing for international activity.

English Education

Division of Information Science regards English Education as an important factor for the international activities of students and graduates.