Division of Information Science

The School offers a wide range of courses covering Computer Science, Media Informatics, and Applied Informatics. We also provide various practical programs in cooperation with collaborative laboratories and Universal Communications Laboratory.

List of laboratory

Computer Science

Laboratory Research Staff
Computing Architecture Professor Yasuhiko NAKASHIMA,
Affiliate Professor Mutsumi KIMURA,
Associate Professor Renyuan ZHANG,
Affiliate Associate Professor Tran Thi HONG,
Assistant Professor KAN Yirong
Dependable System Professor Michiko INOUE,
Affiliate Professor Fukuhito OOSHITA,
Affiliate Associate Michihiro SHINTANI,
Assistant Professor Ryota EGUCHI
Ubiquitous Computing Systems Professor Keiichi YASUMOTO,
Associate Professor Hirohiko SUWA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Manato FUJIMOTO,
Assistant Professor Yuki MATSUDA
Software Engineering Professor Kenichi MATSUMOTO,
Associate Professor Takashi ISHIO,
Affiliate Associate Professor Hideaki HATA,
Assistant Professor Raula G. KULA,
Assistant Professor Kazumasa SHIMARI,
Assistant Professor Bodin CHINTHANET
Software Design and Analysis Professor Hajimu IIDA,
Associate Professor Kohei ICHIKAWA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Toshinori TAKAI,
Affiliate Associate Professor Yasushi TANAKA,
Assistant Professor Yutaro KASHIWA,
Assistant Professor Toshiki HIRAO,
Affiliate Assistant Professor Keichi TAKAHASHI
Cyber Resilience Professor Youki KADOBAYASHI,
Affiliate Professor Hiroyuki INOUE,
Associate Professor Yuzo TAENAKA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Daisuke MIYAMOTO,
Assistant Professor Md.Delwar HOSSAIN
Information Security Engineering Professor Yuichi HAYASHI,
Assistant Professor Daisuke FUJIMOTO,
Assistant Professor Youngwoo KIM
Internet Architecture and Systems Professor Kazutoshi FUJIKAWA,
Associate Professor Ismail ARAI,
Affiliate Associate Professor Shigeru KASHIHARA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Akira YUTANI,
Assistant Professor Masatoshi KAKIUCHII,
Assistant Professor Arata ENDO

Media Informatics

Laboratory Research Staff
Natural Language Processing Professor Taro WATANABE,
Associate Professor Hidetaka KAMIGAITO,
Associate Professor Hiroyuki SHINDO,
Assistant Professor Hiroki OUCHI
Augmented Human Communication Professor Satoshi NAKAMURA,
Associate Professor Katsuhito SUDOH,
Assistant Professor Hiroki TANAKA,
Assistant Professor Seitaro SHINAGAWA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Sakriani Sakti,
Affiliate Associate Professor Keiji YASUDA
Social Computing Professor Eiji ARAMAKI,
Associate Professor Shoko WAKAMIYA,
Assistant Professor Shuntaro YADA,
Assistant Professor LIEW Kongmeng,
Assistant Professor SHE Wan Jou
Network Systems Professor Minoru OKADA,
Associate Professor Takeshi HIGASHINO,
Associate Professor Duong Quang THANG,
Associate Professor Na CHEN
Interactive Media Design Professor Hirokazu KATO,
Associate Professor Masayuki KANBARA,
Assistant Professor Yuichiro FUJIMOTO,
Assistant Professor Taishi SAWABE
Optical Media Interface Professor Yasuhiro MUKAIGAWA,
Associate Professor Takuya FUNATOMI,
Affiliate Associate Professor Kenichiro TANAKA,
Assistant Professor Yuki FUJIMURA,
Assistant Professor Kazuya KITANO
Cybernetics and Reality Engineering Professor Kiyoshi KIYOKAWA,
Associate Professor Hideaki UCHIYAMA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Nobuchika SAKATA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Norihiko KAWAI,
Assistant Professor Naoya ISOYAMA,
Assistant Professor Monica PERUSQUÍA-HERNÁNDEZ

Applied Informatics

Laboratory Research Staff
Human Robotics Professor Takahiro WADA,
Affiliate Associate Professor Gustavo GARCIA,
Assistant Professor Yuki SATO,
Assistant Professor Yasuaki ORITA,
Assistant Professor Hailong LIU,
Assistant Professor Sung-Gwi CHO,
Robot Learning Professor Takamitsu MATSUBARA,
Affiliate Professor Kenji SUGIMOTO,
Assistant Professor Yoshihisa TSURUMINE,
Assistant Professor Hikaru SASAKI,
Assistant Professor Kenta HANADA,
Assistant Professor Takuya KIYOKAWA,
Affiliate Assistant Professor Taisuke KOBAYSAHI
Large-Scale Systems Management Professor Shoji KASAHARA,
Associate Professor Masahiro SASABE,
Assistant Professor Takanori HARA,
Assistant Professor Yu NAKAHATA
Mathematical Informatics Professor Kazushi IKEDA,
Affiliate Professor Junichiro YOSHIMOTO,
Associate Professor Takatomi KUBO,
Assistant Professor Makoto FUKUSHIMA,
Assistant Professor Chie HIEIDA,
Assistant Professor Renzo Roel Perez TAN
Imaging-based Computational Biomedicine Professor Yoshinobu SATO,
Associate Professor Yoshito OTAKE,
Assistant Professor Mazen SOUFI
Computational Systems Biology Professor Shigehiko KANAYA,
Affiliate Professor Hidehiro IIDA,
Associate Professor MD.ALTAF-UL-AMIN,
Associate Professor Naoaki ONO,
Affiliate Associate Professor Tetsuo SATO,
Assistant Professor Ming HUANG,
Assistant Professor Md.Bozlul KARIM
Computational Behavioral Neuroscience Associate Professor Saori TANAKA

Collaborative Laboratories

Laboratory Collaborative organizations Research Staff
Communication Collaborative organizations:
(NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
Professor Tomoharu IWATA,
Associate Professor Yusuke TANAKA
Computational Neuroscience Collaborative organizations:
(ATR International)
Professor Motoaki KAWANABE
Humanware Engineering Collaborative organizations:
(Technology Innovation Division, Panasonic Corporation)
Professor Yoshikuni SATO,
Associate Professor Masashi OKADA
Symbiotic Systems Collaborative organizations:
(NEC Corporation)
Professor Rui ISHIYAMA,
Associate Professor Hiroyoshi MIYANO
Optical and Vision Sensing Collaborative organizations:
(Core Technology Center, OMRON Corporation)
Professor Masaki SUWA,
Associate Professor Yoshihisa IJIRI
Next Generation Mobile Communications Collaborative organizations:
Molecular Bioinformatics Collaborative organizations:
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Professor Kazuhiko FUKUI,
Professor Kentaro TOMII
Digital Human Collaborative organizations:
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Professor Mitsunori TADA,
Professor Yukiyasu DOMAE,
Professor Akihiko MURAI
Formal Verification Collaborative organizations:
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Professor AFFELDT Reynald,
Associate Professor Yusuke KAWAMOTO
Network Orchestration Collaborative organizations:
(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
Professor Kazumasa KOBAYASHI,
Associate Professor Eiji KAWAI
High Reliability Software System Verification Collaborative organizations:
(JAXA's Engineering Digital Innovation Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Professor Masafumi KATAHIRA,
Professor Naoki ISHIHAMA
Data-driven Knowledge Processing Collaborative organizations:
(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
Professor Kentaro TORISAWA,
Associate Professor Ryu IIDA
Multilingual Knowledge Computing Collaborative organizations:
(Fujitsu Laboratiories Ltd.)
Professor Nobuhiro YUGAMI,
Associate Professor CHENG Yuchang
Intelligent Robot Dialogue Collaborative organizations:
Professor Koichiro YOSHINO,
Assistant Professor Akishige YUGUCHI
Multimodal Environment Recognition Collaborative organizations:
Professor Yasutomo KAWANISHI