Humanware Engineering(Technology Innovation Division, Panasonic Corporation)

Research Staff

  • Professor Yoshikuni SATO

    Yoshikuni SATO

  • Associate Professor Masashi OKADA

    Associate Professor
    Masashi OKADA

esearch Areas

Development of applied technologies for smart houses and for health support through biosensing

Nursing care support technology by combining sensing technology and artificial intelligence

Creating new solution areas for a better life and a better world

Key Features

"Humanware" is the core concept of this laboratory. It essentially extends the abilities of humans and supports better human life by the combination of sensor data and knowledge processing. It aims to achieve human-like intelligent information processing, five-sense communication, and soft-flexible robotics/mechatronics. The basis of information and communication technologies are artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, biosensing, etc. Our laboratory explores new research areas concerning smart houses and care support technology combined with human, social, and physical sciences.