Multilingual Knowledge Computing(FUJITSU LIMITED)

Research Staff

  • Professor Tomoya IWAKURA

    Tomoya IWAKURA

  • Associate Professor Yuchang CHENG

    Associate Professor
    Yuchang CHENG

Research Areas

Multilingual Knowledge Computing with Knowledge Construction from Text

Our research theme is Natural Language Processing (NLP) including basic technologies for constructing knowledge from text such as Named Entity Recognition, Relation Extraction, Entity Resolution, and so on, and NLP applications with constructed knowledge.
For example, knowledge of chemical substances is necessary for developing new materials and drugs, and synthesizing products from new materials. To utilize such knowledge, experts are creating databases containing the physical property values of chemical substances and the interrelationships among chemical substances. It is thought that several billions of chemical compounds exist, however only a portion of these are registered in chemical databases. Furthermore, new chemical compounds are still being reported in patents and papers that consist of mainly texts. To solve such problem, not only applying existing NLP technologies but also developing new technologies focusing on features of chemical domain text such as existence of aliases and fast emergence of chemical compounds.

Knowledge-based AI applications

We are also developing applications of NLP. One of the examples is a chemical patent search application for assisting material development. Another example is a diagnosis assistant application by estimating illness from texts of electronic medical records with NLP.

Key Features

Our laboratory belongs to Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu’s R&D resources are focused on five technology areas including Artificial Intelligence (AI) where Fujitsu has a competitive edge and that are essential for us to realize business transformation and a sustainable society through digital transformation. AI today uses vast amounts of data to make decisions. We are researching and developing such AI technologies including knowledge computing and their applications that make use of knowledge extracted from multilingual text with NLP. One of our principal objectives is to take AI to new levels and create new value for society and we are aiming to realize AI that will support greater business growth and efficiency for our customers.

Fujitsu’s Key Technologies

Fujitsu’s Key Technologies