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Open Campus for Prospective Students 2014


Open Campus in May 2013

Open Campus Guidebook (PDF)

(On the day, it will be distributed at the reception desk.
The contents are very similar with the following contents of this webpage.)


March 8, 2014 (Saturday) 10:00-17:00 (in all weather conditions)

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Visit Model of the Day

Laboratories Demo and Panel Exhibition

The overview of each laboratory can be found from the panel at first floor of IS Building.
In each laboratory, there will be research demonstration.
The location of laboratories can be found from the brochure or you can also ask at the reception desk.
Panel Exhibition of each laboratory (Lobby 1st Floor)

「★」Introduction with Demo、「・」Panel introduction only。
Computer Science
We offer education and researches on computer hardware and information network to establish fundamental technologies for the next generation computer science, including dependable and green IT.
Media Informatics
We offer education and researches on human-machine interaction and media to establish fundamental technologies to support people in advanced information society.
Applied Informatics
We offer education and researches on computational systems, robotics, and bio-information processing to discover vital function and life phenomena.
Collaborative Laboratories
(It is still not decided whether there will be panel exhibition or not)
The Collaborative Laboratories provide opportunities for Master students to make a long-term visit to a private company or research institution and receive supervision for their Master thesis.
Laboratory list is Here

Admission Info

Admission Guidance

  • Detailed guidance about the entrance exam and every laboratory's researches will be presented.
  • Schedule:
  • IS Building, 1st Floor, Room L1

Admission Inquiry Desk

  • Faculty of the Graduate School of Information Science will be there to respond to your questions or consultation in person.
  • Any questions --- about the entrance exam system, careers after graduation, student life, and the like --- are welcomed.
  • The consulting desk is open from 10:00 to 17:00 and waiting for your visit.
  • IS Building, 1st Floor, next to Reception Desk

Admission Interview Show Room

  • You can see the actual room that is used for admission interview.
  • Schedule:
     Anytime between 10:00-17:00
  • IS Building, 1st Floor, Seminar Room P1

Thema-based Laboratories Tour

Tours will be provided based on laboratory research themes by current NAIST students.

Student Project CICP (Creative and International Competitiveness Project)
Poster Presentation, Demo and Contest

    CICP is research project where the student proposed with "Theme that You Want to Challenge by Yourself".
    It is an educational research program to practice some potential and creativity by providing a research budget.
    In this open campus, the result activities of each project will be introduced with poster presentation and demo.

    Please join voting for the best project!
    (Voting is only for general track)
    Time: 10:00-16:00 (Vote until 15:00)
    General Track:
  • Augmented Reality system supporting the Match-making Party
  • PitchFlow: Better Guitar Sheet Music Library Through Real-time Editing and Award Strategy
  • BROCCOLI: An User-Specific Software Keyboard Learned from Typing Mistakes
  • Web-based dialogue system for mental disorders
  • Higgins: Your Very Own Teacher of English Pronunciation
  • Story meets Creator - Designing the sustainable system to support them based on Gamification-
  • Let‘s Fly!
    Additional Track:
  • eCOStamp: Electronic Collectible Stamps
  • Dependable Gesture-based Human-Machine Interface for Machine Automation using DART Technology
  • NAIST-NAV : NAIST Open Campus Navigation and Information Service
  • HerbsMed: Herbal medicine apps using integrated Jamu and Kampo formulas

Last year's CICP demo

Gender Equality Promotion Office

Last year's lecture (The location will be different for this year)

Student Housing

Student dormitory is planned to be open for public.

  • Detailed information is Here
    Anytime between:
  • Place:Student Dormitory Building 2, 2nd Floor
  • Information regarding student dormitory is Here

Single Room



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