3. The Latest Research Facilities

The school provides advanced research facilities and environment to support independent research.

Mandara Network and Mandara System

The MANDARA system is information processing environment supporting advanced research at NAIST, that provides large scale storage servers over one petabyte (1015), computing servers of teraFLOPS class and high performance workstations allocated to every member.

The MANDARA network is ultra high-speed campus network with a maximum data rate of ten gigabits per second forming the base of the MANDARA system. This network connects to the Internet with a data rate of ten gigabits per second and makes possible ultra high-speed communication with sites over the world for usage of various services on wide-area networks.

Digital library and archive

NAIST digital library allows any users to read books, magazines and research reports 24 hours a day through the MANDARA network. Audiovisual materials, including lecture archive, lectures and educational videos are also available.

Digital archive

Cutting-edge research facilities

Each research field is equipped with the latest research facilities to support cutting-edge research.