Admission Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions about the entrance examination

1. Admission system

I would like to know about the admission system at NAIST.
Please refer to the following:
>> Admission
>> NAIST Admission Information
How can I get an application form?
Please refer to the Guidelines for Master's and Doctoral Course Applications page.
Questions on details should be addressed to the NAIST Student Affairs Division.

Admissions Section
Student Affairs Division
8916-5,Takayama,Ikoma,Nara 630-0192,Japan
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
TEL: 0743-72-5083 e-mail:

2. Admission to the Doctoral Program

How does the examination for the doctoral program proceed ?
You are required to submit a report on your research record and your research plan together with your application form. At the examination, you will gove a presentation on your report for 40 minutes and be interviewed. We recommend you consult with a professor of a laboratory of your own choice beforehand.
I am an applicant for the doctoral program. In my presentation at the time of the entrance exam, how specific should I be?
Applicants for the doctoral program are regarded as holding a Master's Degree or a professional degree. Applicants should judge for themselves about the presentation. In general, bear in mind that people from other fields will also hear your presentation.

3. Accelerated Placement and Qualifications for Application

I am a 3rd-year undergraduate student now and I would like to know the requirements for skipping a year to enter the Master's Program early.
You must fulfill two conditions:
- Pass the entrance exam. With that, you would be regarded as a provisional passer.
- and have every expectation of getting the credits required for graduation with good grades.
Right now our advice to you is just study hard. For further details, please ask the NAIST Student Affairs Division.
What is required condition for provisional passers to become successful students?
Provisional passers of the examination are informed the condition after the announcement of examination results. Skipping a year also depends on the course curriculum of the applicant's university. In principle, provisional passers are required to have completed the necessary credits with excellent results by the end of the junior year.
I have completed a community college 2-year curriculum in the U.S., and I'm now studying at a computer college (3- year curriculum) in Japan. If I graduate, am I qualified to apply?
If you are recognized by NAIST through Preliminary Screening for Suitability to have an academic ability at the level of a Bachelor's degree, you can take the entrance examination. With the Preliminary Screening for Suitability NAIST evaluates the academic ability on a case-by-case basis. There are no criteria released. Please ask Student Affairs Division NAIST for details about procedures.

4. Daily campus tour

I would like to see the campus. How can I arrange that?
dd>The Division of Information Science, Information Technology Center, and the Digital Library offer a campus tour daily to all interested visitors to give a glimpse of our research labs and environment.
For the further details, click here.

5. Open Campus

Do I need to make an advanced reservation to attend an Open Campus?
No, a reservation is not needed. We are completely open for prospective students.
You can visit all labs and see the state-of-the-art research demos.
You can also directly consult with the faculty (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor) of the lab that you are interested in.
At the admission inquiry counter, all questions regarding entrace examination and university life will be answered.

6. Contingency

Is an entrance examination conducted even if public transportation is unavailable due to a contingency such as a typhoon?
In the event that the 1st examination cannot be conducted due to a contingency such as typhoon, it will be moved to the alternative date. However, the alternative date should not be designated as the preferred date on your application form.