Admission Policy

The entrance examination for the School focuses on examinees' qualities and personality traits. We have established a new International Program since April 2011 to offer a better learning environment in English.

NAIST Division of Information Science

We seek people who can think logically and articulate their thoughts, and who seek an ability to respond flexibly to changes in the science and technology of information and communication.

  • Students applying for the Master's Program must demonstrate a strong curiosity and a willingness to take on entirely new challenges.
  • Students applying for the Doctoral Program must show a potential to identify problems in specialized topics and discover practical solutions.

International Program

The Division of Information Science has established an International Program in the Master's Program in April 2011 with an aim to encourage enrollment of outstanding students from countries worldwide and so as to carry out our social responsibilities as a national university in promoting Japan's international competitiveness in technology and contribution to the global community.

The International Program is designed to serve mainly international students, offering research and education environments (lectures, research supervision, office help, etc.) in English, as well as opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with Japanese culture.

A wide range of subjects are provided in information science and in such interdisciplinary topics as intellectual property and professional ethics. In addition, students in the International Program are free to take most of the subjects that make up the Standard Program (usually given in Japanese).

"International Program in Information Science focused on Course Work and Empirical Training" has also been launched since 2013. The program has been selected as one of the "International Priority Graduate Programs" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan (MEXT) and students who pass the MEXT scholarship screening will be supported by the MEXT Scholarship. If you want to apply for the scholarship, please click here.

Examination Guidelines


  • The Division of Information Science admits students in April and October.
  • NAIST has an entrance examination three times a year and recommends applicants take the earliest entrance examination possible. Examinees take the examination on the designated day within the examination period. When absolutely necessary, individual examinees may request a convenient day within that period.

Admission for Standard Program

  • Examinees are evaluated during a 30-minute interview as follows:
    • Oral examination on written questions [mathematics (algebra, analysis, etc.)] in Japanese which are given to the examinee on the day of the examination.
    • Questions regarding the research proposal and areas of information science relevant to the examinees' area of specialization. Examinees are required to give a presentation of no more than three minutes (in Japanese or English) without equipment or handouts, which should be prepared in advance.
  • In the interview, basic academic ability, enthusiasm, and potential as a researcher will be evaluated comprehensively. Examinees' English ability will be evaluated based on TOEIC or TOEFL scores. Please bring the original score report and a copy on the day of the examination. If both test reports are provided, the higher evaluated score will be used. If no score report is presented, the examinee may participate in the interview, but the English ability score will be zero. The sending scores after the interview will not be accepted.

Admission for International Program

  • Students are admitted to the International Program together with all other students entering the School. There is no specified number of students admitted to the International Program.
  • The admission schedule is the same as for the Standard Program, but admission guidelines, application forms and interviews are in English.
  • Eligibility to apply for admission does not depend on Japanese language proficiency test results, even in the case of privately funded foreign students.
  • Criteria regarding academic ability expected of applicants are the same as for the Standard Program.
  • Establishment of the International Program is not an obstacle for international students to apply for the Standard Program. However privately funded international students who wish to take the Standard Program are required to qualify on the Japanese proficiency test.
  • The applicant must contact the professor whose lab. they would like to join at least one month prior to the first day of the application period and submit the letter of acceptance together with the required application documents.
  • The applicants who wish to apply for the "International Program in Information Science focused on Course Work and Empirical Training", please click here.

For more detailed information, please see details on the entrance examination.

Past Entrance Examination Data

The number of applicants, examinees, and subsequently enrolled students and their nationalities.