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>>Features of our Center
NAIST is a nerve center for the education and research of “problem-solving science." Among the university’s founding principles are “the promotion of advanced research and education in frontline technological developments in order to produce the world’s leading researchers," with “close cooperation and collaboration with extramural organizations toward the advancement of society as a whole." Now being the center of the COE program, NAIST is committed to the realization of these principles, particularly in the area of high-speed communication systems, an essential building block for a sophisticated information society. We aim to promote the development of advanced computing technologies to improve functionality, safety, reliability and software engineering for such systems.
>>Objectives for Creating a COE
With the rapid increase in coverage and speed of communication networks represented by broadband Internet connections, we are fast approaching a global society with “Ubiquitous" networking, where everybody is connected to everywhere via highly sophisticated information systems. Adapting to such a society and creating a truly international market is a pressing task which requires an emphasis on strategic thinking from academia. Our mission is to play an important part in the creation of this global society as a center of excellence with a “problem-solving" oriented approach, as already adopted by some Western institutions. We need to overcome the inherent weakness of the conventional dichotomy between “pure" and “applied" sciences, addressing various social problems such as “the information divide." We therefore aim systematically to foster new generation researchers and engineers who can solve these problems through research and development of the information infrastructure which supports everybody’s daily life and the intellectual activities of humankind (e.g. new-generation Internet, information security, creation of new media) under the concept of Ubiquitous Networked Media Computing.

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