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On the formation of a research and education center for the "21st Century COE Program"

Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Ubiquitous Networked Media Computing

Kunihiro Chihara, Research Center Leader

To form a research and education center for "Ubiquitous Networked Media Computing" with the Information Processing Specialty as the basis, the Department of Information Science applied to the "21st Century COE Program" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and today, it was elected as one of the nation's 20 best universities in the fields of "information, electricity and electronics". Our program has the objective to provide an international center for research and education related to the integration and the fusion of "internet" as the information carrier, and "visual/ image media", "acoustic/sound media", "sensory/sound media" and "force/behavior media" as the information contents.
It is well-known that ever since our research department was established in 1992 to bring a reform in the graduate school education in Japan, the instructors, students and employees became one and made around-the-clock efforts to form a new graduate school. For ten years after its establishment, the department has been contributing to the formation of an international research center in distinct fields such as internet research based on information network operation, image media research in immersive virtual fusion space, sound media research based on hands-free sound recognition, language media research centered on natural language processing such as the Japanese morpheme analysis system "ChaSen", behavior media research such as RoboCup and intelligent wheel-chair or system control technology, etc.
Also, in 2001, which marked the 10th anniversary of the establishment, President Koji Torii submitted the "Basic Philosophy of NAIST" contemplating the next generation, and "Ubiquitous Networked Media Computing" is one of the programs to realize this basic philosophy. By planning the creation of the next generation media technologies such as highly useful, secure and reliable software contents that use the real-time characteristics of the next generation internet, to support the daily lives and intellectual activities of human beings through networks, and organizational fostering of researchers and technicians to support them, we must contribute to building a nation that has an international intellectual presence, while filling the mission of the university, which is to return the results of research to society as intellectual public properties and foster human resources. Specifically, it is a top-down type research and education project with and ambitious and ground-breaking contents, in which 4 major projects will be carried out, i.e., a strategic research development project, an industry-government-academia collaboration project, an international center formation project and a young scientist fostering project, to form an international research and education center for information science in 5 years, driven forward as the ingenious creativity of each researcher chosen by the intense personality of the center leader interact mutually under the supporting framework of the university and the research departments with the strong leadership of the President
As the research center formation leader, I am expressing here the determination to make the best efforts so that our department deserves to be among the 20 best universities, while looking forward to see the instructors serving research and education with several fold the enthusiasm of the past, and the students devoting themselves to academic work with pride.

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