1. Substantial Research Support

The Division of Information Science offers an advanced educational system to train in first rate research and supports students' international activity.

Program to encourage young researchers.

  • Practical security personnel required by the industry

    This program trains IT human resources with practical security capabilities, required by the industry through both exercises of actual environment use and lectures of basic and applied skills. Attendants can practically experience and acquire skills to encounter information security threats and attacks through a wide range of exercise programs including encryption, systems, networks, monitoring and management in the latest practical training environment.

  • Special lT training programs

    In a project started by MEXT in 2006, the School has been conducting two programs, pushing for highly professional training: the "IT Specialist Program Initiative for Reality-based Advanced Learning (IT-Spiral)" and the "IT specialist program to promote Key Engineers as securitY Specialists (IT-Keys)". The experience from these programs are now reflected in the School's standard curriculum even after MEXT completed the project.

    • IT-Triadic
      Aleading education program for IT multi-specialists in a cybermedia society.
    • IT-RT
      IT Specialist program to foster next-generation roboticists.
    • IT Spiral
      IT Specialist Program Initiative for Reality-based Advanced Learning and collaborative project to develop a common curriculum for teaching software engineering.
    • IT Keys
      IT Specialist program to promote Key Engineer as Security Specialists.

Promotion of active research with generous research funds

  • Ranked top in domestic research funding

    NAIST ranked as the top institution in the amount of scientific research funding granted to individual faculty members.

    Also available are many external sources of funding from collaborative projects and private companies.

  • Internationalization

    In 2013, 102 students (25% of the enrolled students) traveled abroad for international conferences, to present their research and exchange research ideas.
    NAIST, in fact, actively promotes English language skills by implementing the TOEIC Institutional test and providing an online English learning system, "ALCNetAcademy".

Economic support for Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants and scholarships.

  • Teaching Assistants (TA)

    As of the 2nd year of the Master's course, students can assist in educational activities and receive an allowance.

  • Research Assistants (RA)

    Outstanding students can take part in research projects as Research Assistants.

  • Entrance fee and tuition fee exemption

    After a selection procedure, some students can qualify for full or partial exemption from admission and tuition fees. The exemption also applies in the event of death of or damage to the person responsible for the payment of a student's expenses.

  • Scholarships

    NAIST offers scholarship programs sponsored by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), the Showa Foundation for the Promotion of Education and the MEXT scholarship for international students.

  • Foundation for Nara Institute of Science and Technology

    In addition to research grants, if a student publishes in an international conference, assistance for travel and accommodation expenses is also provided.

  • Student insurance for academic research activities

    A relatively inexpensive insurance is provided covering disasters and accidents that can occur in curricular and extracurricular activities (compulsory when admitted to the graduate school).

  • Outstanding Student Program

    The Outstanding Student Program is a financial support for exceptional students in the form of a reimbursing of tuition fees as a research incentive.