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The Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education was started in 2007 as a new initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.  It’s aim is to enhance the education level of graduate schools all over Japan by supporting excellent, organized and systematic educational programs in doctoral and master’s courses and, as a result, to apply successful programs widely to other schools.
For the fiscal year of 2007, 354 proposals from 154 graduate schools were screened, and 126 proposals from 61 schools were adopted.


Following up on our highly successful previous program, the Core Program to Promote Talented Students for the Future in Information Science, we will develop further our educational approach in accordance with our traditional educational policies.  
We have set the following three major objectives and six specific action plans for this program.

  1. Improvement of the core curriculum
    1) Better implementation of the curriculum by means of access to class archive systems. 

  2. Assignment of advanced projects.
    2) Supporting students’ projects.
    3) Fostering international awareness.
    4) Long-term exchanges based on international academic cooperation.
    5) Supporting academic voluntary activities.

  3. Promoting a flexible educational infrastructure.
    6) Extending faculty development beyond lecture skills to include skills of research guidance.

With this mission, we commit ourselves to (1)establishing our university as a top rank center of education for graduate students, so as to cultivate internationally competitive researchers in the field of information science, and to (2)creating an educational standard of excellence, continuing thus as a front-runner in graduate education in Japan.