Career and academic advising

Consultation for Applicants

In the division of information science, we offer a consulting for the student who wishes to apply our division at NAIST.

For example, students have difficulty in selecting the research field, contacting laboratories and faculties, entrance examination, and more.

We also provide open campus so that future students can visit us and have a chance to meet and consult with our faculties and staff members.

Also, for the bachelor 3rd and 4th year students and advanced course students at the technical college, our faculties can visit your institute and provide an hour of consulting to introduce NAIST and the entrance examination procedures (Please note that we may recruit general participants depending on the venue).

Please feel free to contact us via email <> if you have any questions. Be sure to include the below information in the email.

  • Name:
  • Current Affiliation:
  • Grade:
  • Email Address:
  • Information you wishes to consult:
  • Date that you wishes to visit us: