Academic Evaluation

NAIST and the Division of Information Science have received the highest evaluation.

Ranking of NAIST

NAIST ranked 1st in Research and Education in various rankings across Japan.

Research and educational activities evaluation among the National Universities of Japan
(from 2004 to 2009, reflected in the budget granted)
Intellectual property management evaluation
(from 2003 to 2007)from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Level of research and educational standards(The Weekly Toyo Keizai,
24/10/2009 Special edition: Genuinely strong universities 2009).
ISI Journal Citation Reports (Asahi Newspaper, Universities ranking 2010)
Patent income per faculty member
Grant-in-aid for scientific research per faculty member
NAIST Intellectual Property Group achievement assessed best in Japan

Also, according to the evaluation from the Cabinet Office regarding National Universities, NAIST also got top-level evaluation nationwide.

Academic activities evaluation

NAIST received high evaluation in both internal and external evaluation of academic activities.

External evaluation

MEXT(2003-2007) Midterm evaluation of “Maintenance of intellectual property” (published on 2007, July 15th) NAIST was evaluated with rank A.
NAIST was selected for the Super Industry-Academic-Government cooperation.
Academic activities evaluation (2003) (officially announced June 24, 2005) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: the method to evaluate academic activities based on improvement in industry competitiveness.
The Division of Information Science was evaluated with rank A+ in all evaluated items.
Survey on the research power of the Departments of Technology, Engineering and Science in public and private universities in Japan (Nikkei Newspaper, February 16, 2004, morning and evening editions, and morning edition of February 18) NAIST was evaluated as 2nd in Research and Development strength.
NAIST was evaluated as 1st in innovation in human resources organization and research ethics regulation.
NAIST is also the top in scientific research funding (amount of funds received per faculty member).