Method of Examination

(Last update: Apr. 20, 2021)

(1) Contents of Examination

Examinees are evaluated during a 30-minute interview as follows.
(-> Examination procedures

1. Oral examination on questions of mathematics

Examinees are given two math questions (one questions each in algebra and analysis).

Exam coverage
Algebra From Chapter 1 to Chapter 7 in the following textbook.
Gilbert Strang, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition, Wellesley-Cambridge Press.
Analysis Serge Lang, A First Course in Calculus, Springer.
2. Questions regarding the research proposal and areas of information science relevant to the examinees' area of specialization

Examinees submit their research proposal on ``Research progress by now (graduation dissertation etc.)'' and ``The research field/project that I want to work on at NAIST'' together with the application forms. On the day of the examination, we will ask questions about the research proposal and what they learned at the undergraduate institution.

(2) Evaluation criteria

  1. 1. In the interview, basic academic ability, enthusiasm, and potential as a researcher will be evaluated comprehensively.
  2. 2. Examinees' English ability will be evaluated based on TOEIC or other scores. We accept English scores other than TOEIC scores. Please refer to the application requirements information for the scores that can be accepted.