Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools

The Graduate School of Information Science
Excellent Student Program Title


Since April 2005, the Graduate School of Information Science has been offering scholarships to outstanding masterfs course students who have enthusiasm for research and talent for originality, and who will lead society as researchers or engineers after completing the course.
Selected students, or TOKUTAISEIs, will benefit from the following three features of this program:


  1. Special program‚“ to provide TOKUTAISEIs with good skills and experience in Research and Development:
    Project Research to develop originality in their work and to facilitate academic exchange between TOKUTAISEIs.
    Internationalization of research activities through participation in international seminars and conferences.
  2. Financial support for their research.
    Financial support will be equivalent to annual tuition fees.
    TOKUTAISEIs will also be granted other financial support for project research described above, and a research grant for the special programs above.
  3. Others
    TOKUTAISEIs will be guaranteed accommodation in the NAIST dormitories.

    TOKUTAISEIs will receive an official recommendation from the Graduate School of Information Science to apply for JASSOfs Scholarship Loan Program.
    *JASSO = Japan Student Services Organization

For more information on Excellent Student Program
e-mail: tokutaisei(at)

For more information on entrance examinations
Tel: 0743-72-5083
e-mail: gakusei(at)