Research theme

Assisting of Reading Non-native language document

Unknown words often hinders our natural reading. Our goal is to develop an automatic unknown word detection system and display explanation or translation appropriately.


Biological signal processing, Eye tracking, Reading behavior


Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Information Science (2015- )

Osaka Prefecture University (OPU)

Mechanical Engineering (2012-2015)Skipped Grade

Internship and Activity

NTT communications 2016 SEP~SEP




CampusLife+1 Online Contest 2016

December 2016 Award of participation (5 out of 16,000 patiripants)

ACM-ICPC 2016 Japan 2nd-Round Contest

Norvember 2016 IBM Award (26th/45 teams)

ACM-ICPC 2016 Japan Online 1st-Round Contest

Norvember 2016 Directer's Award (20th/348 teams)

i-RooBO Network Forum Kawaii X Robot Ideathon

July 2016 Special Award

Engineering Mathematics Test

March 2013 Honoring Award(1st in 2 subjects out of 4)



Rui Hiraoka, Hiroki Tanaka, Sakti Sakriani, Graham Neubig, Satoshi Nakamura, Personalized Unknown Word Detection in Non-native Language Reading using Eye Gaze, ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI), Nov. 2016.

Rui Hiraoka, Hiroki Tanaka, Sakti Sakriani, Dr. Yoshino, Koichiro, Graham Neubig, Nakamura Satoshi, Eye Gaze-based Unknown Word Detection in Non-native Language Reading using SVMs and Random Forests, International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Aug. 2016.

Not reviewed

平岡類, 田中 宏季, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, 中村 哲, 注視特徴を用いた非母語読解時の未知語検出における品詞タグの使用と個人適応の検討, 信学技報, vol. 116, no. 229, HIP2016-48, pp. 29-34, September, 2016

平岡類,田中宏季,Sakriani Sakti,吉野幸一郎,Graham Neubig,中村哲.注視特徴を用いたSVMによる非母語読解時の未知語検出.電子情報通信学会技術研究報告,vol. 116,no. 32,HIP2016-27,pp. 213-218,May. 2016