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Hi there!

Contact: philip.arthur30 at gmail[dot]com

I am Philip! Currently I am a Ph.D candidate at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). My research interest is Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). My supervisors are Prof. Satoshi Nakamura and Prof. Graham Neubig.

When pursuing my master degree, I was interested in using SMT framework in general to accomplish other natural language processing tasks. For example one can define Semantic Parsing tasks as task to translate natural language inputs to meaning representations. I used paraphrases as a verification to improve the semantic parsers in interpreting underspecified inputs. (Arthur et al., 2015).

Currently I am working to improve Neural Machine Translation. I wrote my own implementation of NMT that is mature enough to be used as is.

I like Computer Science related stuffs. I like developing software and learning more programming languages. My non-geek related hobbies are travelling and playing video games.

What's New?

2016/08Got paper accepted in EMNLP 2016, I am going to Auxin Texas!
2016/07I am working as Software Engineer Intern at Google Japan in Translation team!

Skills and Expertise

Programming Language Python, C++, Java, C#, Perl, Bash, Javascript.
Technologies chainer, Android, SQL, MS. Visual Studio, Django, Git.
Academic Career 2015/10-onward, NAIST: Dr.Eng. Information Science (on pursue)
2013/10-2015/09, NAIST: M.Eng. Information Science
2009/08-2013/02, University of Indonesia: B.S. Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Awards & Scholarship 2015/10 + 3 years, MEXT scholarship.
2013/10 + 2 years, MEXT scholarship.
Internships 2016/07-2016/10: Google, Tokyo, Japan. Host: Keith Stevens.
2014/08-2014/11: Microsoft Research, Beijing, China. Host: Junichi Tsujii.
2013/02-2013/04: Accenture, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2012/06-2012/08: Augmented Human Communication Lab, NAIST, Japan. Host: Satoshi Nakamura.
Teaching assistant Basic Calculus, Foundation of Programming, Data Structure and Algorithm, Intelligent System.
Working Experiment Please refer to my Linked In.
Language Indonesian (Native), English (TOEIC:970), Japanese (Conversation).





Software & Programming

  • chainn: Deep neural network toolkit for solving NLP problems.
  • letrac: A toolkit to extract semantic parsing grammars from Geoquery.
  • qaclef: My question answering system based on inter+intra sentence features.


  • travatar: Implementation of Hiero grammar extraction + pre-decoding

Last Updated: 2016/09/09