Name : Kou Tanaka (田中 宏)
Home : Tondabayashi, Osaka, Japan
Degree : Bachelor, Master, Doctor (Expected)
Mail : ko-t [at]
Reseach area : Speech synthesis, Voice conversion, Machine learning
License : Education license on Japanese high school (Mathematics)
Carrer history
Work, project, and etc.
04/2015-03/2017 JSPS (Research Fellowship for Young Scientists)
11/2015-02/2016 Unitec Institute of Technology (Research Fellow)
07/2015-(4 weeks) NTT Communication Science Laboratories (Intern)
08/2014-(4 weeks) NTT Communication Science Laboratories (Intern)
03/2014-03/2015 ATR (Part-time Research Fellow)
11/2013-12/2014 Teaching Assistant of "Sequential Data Modeling" at NAIST
04/2013-10/2013 NEC and NICT: "Constructing Speech Translation System for Medical Scene"
2015 ASJ student award
2015 Half forgiveness of scholarship for 1 year on Ph.D course
2014 Full forgiveness of scholarship for 2 years on master course
2014 NAIST student award