Laboratory assignment in Division of Information Science

June 22, 2021

At Division of Information Science, for the Fall 2021 Admission and the Spring 2022 Admission, successful applicants will be allocated to a laboratory by the following procedure.

(1) Laboratory placement survey

  • On the examination day, we will conduct a survey with a questionnaire where you select 5 laboratories you wish to be assigned to, from your 1st choice to your 5th choice.
  • The receptionist will ask your preferred laboratories, so please make sure that you are ready to answer as of the entrance exam.
  • Please answer your preferred laboratories by the laboratory numbers. The laboratory list here [PDF file] shows the correspondence between the laboratory names and their numbers.
  • You cannot select the same laboratory more than once.

(2) Laboratory assignment notification

  • Upon consideration of the entrance examination results and laboratory choices, we will notify successful applicants of their allocated laboratory by the Enrollment Confirmation Form submission deadline.
  • Notification may be delayed in cases of Collaborative Laboratory placement.
  • Depending on laboratory situations, you may not be assigned to any of the laboratories you requested (Leaving part of the questionnaire blank will increase the possibility of this.). Even if you are not assigned to any of the laboratories, it will not affect the decision of your pass for the entrance exam at all.
  • After the notification of laboratory assignment, if a vacancy occurs in a laboratory for which you were initially not assigned to, the assignments will be updated for the relevant successful applicants and they will be notified accordingly.

(3) Post-admission questionnaire

  • The laboratory that you are finally assigned to is decided based on an additional questionnaire after enrollment, taking into consideration the capacity of each laboratory. In this second questionnaire, if you request the laboratory you are assigned to after the first survey, you will definitely be assigned to that laboratory. On the other hand, if the laboratory you are assigned to after the first survey is not your first choice, if there is a vacancy, you may be assigned to the first or higher choice in the second survey.
  • In the post-admission questionnaire, you may choose a laboratory as your first choice other than the one to which you have been assigned.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q. Why do you notify students of their laboratory assignments?
    A. Until now, laboratory assignments were not finalized until mid-April, when the post-admission questionnaire was administered. With this notification, successful applicants will know which laboratory they will be assigned to as soon as possible after the entrance exam, so they can prepare better for the admission with peace of mind.

  • Q. It is difficult to choose up to my 5th choice laboratory. What should I do?
    A. This is a good opportunity to get to know a variety of laboratories, so we encourage you to consider up to your 5th choice. You may leave some parts of the questionnaire blank, but it will increase the possibility that you will not be assigned to any of the laboratories you requested.

  • Q. When will I be notified of my assignment?
    A. We plan to inform you at the end of July for the July entrance examination, late November for the October entrance examination, and mid-March for the March entrance examination. Please note that we do not confirm your intention to enroll in the March entrance exam.

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