Apparent Contour Tracking of 3D Rigid Curved Objects based on Quadrics Approximation of the Surface

rina Atsumi Oikawa (0851136)

Visual tracking is a very important task in the computer vision field and many approaches to achieve 3D real-time tracking have been developed so far in order to attend different applications and scenarios. However, there is still a need for approaches that can handle a particular type of object: rigid curved objects. When there are no markings or texture information on the object surface, the most distinctive feature that can be found in a curved object is its outline or apparent contour, used for many approaches when dealing with this kind of object. In this thesis, it is also suggested using the object apparent contour for tracking, but different than previous approaches, the tracking is made using second order equations (specifically conics), in opposition to the first order approximations developed so far. Differences between the proposed and previous approaches are discussed and an initial evaluation of the system was performed.