Global Mobility with Location Independent Network Architecture for IPv6

Khoo Hui Tiong (0151126)

The proliferation of handheld devices, cellular handsets and the migration to an all-IP Third Generation networks bring about an urgent need to provide network transparency so that devices with TCP/IP can work across different networks. Mobile IPv4 and Mobile IPv6 are two of the proposed solutions. Location Independent Network Architecture for IPv6 (LIN6) is an alternative protocol that supports mobility for IPv6. The advantages include lesser packet overheads and the ability to house its Mapping Agents across different networks thus avoiding a single point of failure if the home network goes down. However, LIN6 can only support mobility with another LIN6 node.

In the presentation, I will show an architecture on how LIN6 can achieve global mobility with common IPv6 nodes and MIPv6 nodes. I will also discuss my implementation on Linux and comparisons for packet processing overheads, data transfer and handover timings. Finally, I will give an analysis of the performance of LIN6, and propose possible future work.

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