Studies on Route Management-Design & Implementation of a Network Management System for the Large Scale Internet

Takuo Tada (9551059)

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Many network management systems have been made in order to cope with the network troubles. These systems are widely used in the Internet and have significantly reduced the working overhead of the network managers. But the systems used today mainly focuses on monitoring the condition of the network nodes. No systems focus on monitoring routing advertisements.

The idea of route management is introduced in this thesis. We define route management as managing and monitoring statistics that are related to routing advertisements. These statistics include the growth of a routing table, the frequency of a peer going up and down, the frequency of a route flapping and so on. Configuration of a router and the status of interfaces are also monitored since they are important part of the routing.

These statistics provide the information on the condition of the network. Constant monitoring of these statistics will help in detecting possible troubles. Along with these statistics, past configuration of the routers, past status of the interfaces are saved in a database. This database could be used in times of trouble to look up past changes and status.

The system was implemented in a wide area network running Border Gateway Protocol. We also had success in detecting troubles such as failed BGP sessions.