Colloquium A

日時(Date) 2022年7月19日(火)3限(13:30--15:00)
Tue. Jul. 19th, 2022, 3rd period (13:30--15:00)
場所(Location) オンライン (Online)
司会(Chair) 清川 清
講演者(Presenter) 鈴木健嗣 (筑波大学大学院システム情報工学研究科)
題目(Title) Human Technologies for Empowering People
概要(Abstract) Human technology brings out latent human capabilities and potential abilities of people. We have been developing human technologies centered on advanced wearable robotics and devices that work with people to innovative science and technology fields. We define the Human Technology as the technology for understanding and shaping behavior. In this talk, several case studies related to human technology are introduced with examples of wearable robots and wearable devices through the design, implementation and clinical challenge. Key issue is to detect the user’s intention in a contingent manner with proper consistencies, and continuously adapt the behavior that vary with time. This enables the technologies to be perceived as a natural extension of the body. Following three case studies of robot assisted locomotion or care will be introduced: (i) Soft assistive robots for different applications: facial palsy, and life support for toilet independence (ii) A novel personal mobility vehicle is developed for supporting and assisting people with disabled lower limbs such as elderly, and/or people with SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) or CP (Cerebral Palsy) (iii) Social signaling technologies for supporting children with neurodevelopmental disorders. This is a challenge to help people by structuring the space, time, and procedures.
講演言語(Language) English
講演者紹介(Introduction of Lecturer) TBA