Colloquium A

日時(Date) 2022年6月28日(火)4限(15:10--16:40)
Tue. Jun. 28th, 2022, 4th period (15:10--16:40)
場所(Location) エーアイ大講義室, AI Inc. Seminar Hall (L1)
司会(Chair) Kongmeng Liew
講演者(Presenter) Takeshi Hamamura (Senior Lecturer, Curtin University (Australia))
題目(Title) Discerning cultural shifts in China using 50 years of printed texts
概要(Abstract) Life experience appears to be transforming in contemporary Asian societies. There is a strong public interest to understand how these changes are affecting culture and people’s beliefs and values. In this project, we examined cultural changes in terms of individualism-collectivism in China between 1950 and 1999 focusing on cultural associations that are discernible through analysis of language use. Drawing on algorithms in natural language processing, we examined patterns of word similarity for words indicating individualism and collectivism in Chinese. This methodology enables researchers of cultural change to investigate questions that were difficult to examine before. We examined four such questions. The data spanning five decades found no evidence of Chinese culture becoming more positively disposed to individualism over time.
講演言語(Language) English
講演者紹介(Introduction of Lecturer) He earned his BA in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Minnesota. He obtained his PhD in Psychology in 2008 from the University of British Columbia under the guidance of Dr. Steve Heine. His research examines the interactive relationship between culture and the mind: how culture shapes our mental processes, and how our cultural environment is shaped by participating minds. Specific topics examined over the years include the role of culture in shaping self-evaluation, motivation, and social relation