Research projects

Program to encourage young researchers

SecCap:Practical security personnel required by the industry

This program trains IT human resources with practical security capabilities, required by the industry through both exercises of actual environment use and lectures of basic and applied skills. Attendants can practically experience and acquire skills to encounter information security threats and attacks through a wide range of exercise programs including encryption, systems, networks, monitoring and management in the latest practical training environment.

IT-Triadic: Special lT training programs

Inheriting a successful program of "IT specialist fostering projects," we now provide four special training programs of IT-Triadic, IT-RT, IT Spiral, and IT Keys:

  • IT-Triadic course
  • A leading education program for IT multi-specialists in a cybermedia society

  • IT-RT course
  • IT Specialist program to foster next-generation roboticists.

  • IT Spiral course
  • IT Specialist Program Initiative for Reality-based Advanced Learning and collaborative project to develop a common curriculum for teaching software engineering .

  • IT Keys course
  • IT Specialist program to promote Key Engineer as Security Specialists

Projects carried out by competitive funds

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