Vision and Media Computing

Research Staff

  • Prof. Naokazu Yokoya

    Naokazu Yokoya

  • Assoc.Prof. Tomokazu Sato

    Tomokazu Sato

  • Affiliate Assoc.Prof. Yuta Nakashima

    Affiliate Assoc.Prof.
    Yuta Nakashima

  • Assist.Prof. Norihiko Kawai

    Norihiko Kawai

E-mail { yokoya, tomoka-s, norihi-k, n-yuta }[at]

Research Area

Our laboratory mainly focuses on technologies that handle visual information using various sensors and display devices. Our research interests include computer vision, mixed reality, and virtual reality (Fig. 1). Representative research projects are listed below (Fig. 2):

Computer vision: inferring the real world from images and videos

3D reconstruction from video sequences

Image/3D shape inpainting based on patch similarities

Position estimation of near light sources using clear hollow spheres

Camera pose estimation for ground-view images using aerial images

Detection of visual attention induced by videographers' intentions

Mixed reality: augmenting the real world through virtual objects containing useful information

Augmented telepresence for aerial views

Markerless augmented reality using natural features

Diminished reality for marker hiding

Virtual reality/augmented virtuality: reconstructing natural and realistic scenes in a virtual world via real images

Interactive 3D modeling

Free viewpoint image generation using view dependent geometry

Key Features

The main feature of our laboratory is that we make full use of opportunities to do collaborative work with other universities, institutes, etc., as well as having off-campus demonstrations and exhibitions of our research results. Students are encouraged to make presentations and publish their research results at international conferences and in journals. Ph.D. students are strongly encouraged to participate in internships at foreign research institutions. In addition, we actively invite lecturers and accept intern students from foreign institutes to cultivate international perspectives and competitiveness. In our research projects, we make use of various cutting-edge research facilities for interacting and sensing the real world (Fig. 3):

Omnidirectional cameras

Immersive display with omnidirectional treadmill

Omnidirectional laser range finder

Fig.1 Vision and Media Computing Lab.'s research fields

Fig.1 Vision and Media Computing Lab.'s research fields

Fig.2 Example research projects1 Fig.2 Example research projects2 Fig.2 Example research projects3

Fig.2 Example research projects

Fig.3 Example research facilities1

Fig.3 Example research facilities