Software Engineering

Research Staff

  • Prof. Kenichi Matsumoto

    Kenichi Matsumoto

  • Assoc.Prof. Takashi Ishio

    Takashi Ishio

  • Assist.Prof. Hideaki Hata

    Hideaki Hata

  • Assist.Prof. Raula G. Kula

    Raula G. Kula

E-mail { matumoto, ishio, hata, raula-k }[at]

Research Area

1. Software data mining

Software quality analysis and cost estimation

Visualization and substantiation for software analytics

Natural language processing in software development

Data-driven software development

2. Open source software engineering

Open source software reliability models

Expert recommendation models in open source development

Communication analysis in open source development

Toward understanding open source ecosystems for user support

Software repository mining and integration in open source system

3. Human factors in software development

Measuring human brain activities to assess the program understanding processes

TaskPit: A software development task measurement system

Social analysis and game theoretical modeling

4. Software protection

Software obfuscation

Software watermarking and birthmarking

Software tamper-proofing

Key Features

The software engineering laboratory uses both theoretical and empirical approaches to address various problems related to software development, human computer interaction and software lifecycle management. We fully exploit the potential of students' curiosity and creative thinking and, together with conventional research theories and technologies, explore new topics in software engineering.

While actual software development often relies on project managers' intuition instead of sufficient evidence, our goal is to develop an empirically-guided software development environment where the software development process and product data are measured and decisions are based on the data. We also address current hot topics in software engineering such as open source software engineering, global software development and software protection.

Fig.1 Software Analytics Virtual Environment

Fig.1 Software Analytics Virtual Environment

Fig.2 TaskPit: A software development task measurement system

Fig.2 TaskPit: A software development task measurement system

Fig.3 Software engineering data analysis system

Fig.3 A software engineering data analysis system