Multilingual Knowledge Computing
(Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)

Research Staff

  • Prof. Nobuhiro YUGAMI

    Nobuhiro YUGAMI

  • Assoc.Prof. Yuchang CHENG

    Yuchang CHENG

E-mail { yugami, cheng.yuchang } [at]

Research Area

We are researching Human Centric AI technology. One of the Human Centric AI technology's goals is to support smooth monolingual / multilingual text-based conversation using instant messenger or chat system. Our focus is actuation technology which enables users to express user’s sense, intention and or emotion correctly.

We are also researching a method to quantify and evaluate the "Quality of conversation" that is a subjective impression for conversation. The AI uses the method to improve communication quality for instant massager users by providing suggestion to the speaker.

Key Features

Our laboratory belongs to Fujitsu Laboratories Limited located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City. We are researching and developing various human interface technologies that enable smooth communication between persons by using artificial intelligence (AI). The AI that Fujitsu envisions is a "collaborative, human centric AI," and we are aiming for the realization of AI that support greater business growth and efficiency for our customers.