Network-Human Interaction
(Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, Panasonic Corporation)

Research Staff

  • Prof. Takeo Azuma

    Prof. Takeo Azuma

  • Prof. Yoshikuni Sato

    Prof. Yoshikuni Sato

E-mail{ azuma.takeo, sato.yoshikuni }[at]

Research Area

1. Integrated brain signal sensing technology for quantification of human cognitive status

2.Interactive robot control technology for human-occupied areas

3. Learning-based teaching methods of manipulators with sensory feedback

Key Features

"Humanware" is the core concept of this laboratory. It essentially refers to the capacity and dispatch of information results in humans. It aims to achieve human-like intelligent information processing, five-sense communication, and soft-flexible robotics/mechatronics. The basis of conventional information and communication technologies is mathematics, and the main R&D targets are computers and information equipment. In the near future, R&D of total systems and frameworks will be necessary, and this laboratory explores new research areas concerning information technologies combined with human, social, and physical science.