(NTT Communication Science Laboratories)

Research Staff

  • Prof. Takeshi Yamada

    Takeshi Yamada

  • Assoc.Prof. Hiroshi Sawada

    Hiroshi Sawada

E-mail yamada.tak [at]

Research Area

1. Data mining from relational data including large and complex networks

We study basic technologies mainly based on statistical machine learning for understanding huge, irregular and ever-growing relational data including complex networks, such as the Web and SNS and then make effective use of them for knowledge navigation.

2. Understanding real world situations through sensor networks

We are interested in observing and interpreting the real world through a variety of sensing devices such as acceleration sensors, light sensors, GPS, cameras, and microphones.

Key Features

Our research activities include various phases, such as proposing new theories and modeling, developing effective algorithms and data structuring, and applying techniques to new interesting applications. We are interested in processing various data, for example Web and language data, speech sounds, images, and sensor data. Our everyday efforts are aimed at the world's first proposal and verification of new techniques, or the world's best performance of certain tasks. Student can use rich computer and human resources of NTT Communication Science Laboratories such as large clusters of high-performance servers. Each of them is given a desk with a personal computer and study in a room where group of researchers works together and discussions occur naturally. More heated, in-depth discussions are also frequently conducted in discussion rooms.