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Nara and Keihanna Science City

Nara Institute of Science and Technology is the advanced research institute located in NARA, the ancient capital of Japan.

NARA -- The ancient capital of Japan

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Nara Prefecture in the central part of Japan was the site of the ancient capital of Japan before the capital Heiankyo was established in Kyoto in 794. Modern Nara boasts of many historical heritages, museums, shrines and temples, and the famous Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple. The prefecture is characterized by green mountains, clear waters and beautiful nature.

Nara is the only prefecture in Japan with three world heritages: the "historic monuments of ancient Nara" (Todaiji, Kofukuji, Kasuga-taisha, Kasugayama Genshirin, Gangoji, Yakushiji, Toshotaiji, and Heijo Palace), the "Buddhist monuments of the Horyuji region", and the "Kii Mountain Range". Some 35 million tourists visit Nara every year.

Nara is celebrating 1300 years of history and offers traditional events throughout the year where you can feel the charm of Japanese culture.

The attraction of Nara includes traditional crafts such as writing brushes, ink and lacquerware, Narazuke pickles, Chagayu tea rice porridge, and other traditional dishes.

Kansai Science City (Keihanna city)

Kansai Science City is located in the Keihanna Hills, which covers the three prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, an area that presents an attractive example of urban planning.

A variety of research facilities and universities in the area have produced significant results, promoting cutting-edge research. These institutions open their facilities to citizens, offer public seminars, and conduct demonstration experiments, encouraging citizens' participation in solving urban problems. Infrastructure and amenities in the area have improved significantly with the establishment of shopping centers and hospitals.

Keihanna city continues to grow as an attractive center of research, art and international cultural exchanges.

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